Vertical Compactors

These low-cost systems are designed for use with small containers (2 & 3 yard) and for installation in basements of high-rise buildings or other facilities with low waste volumes of 150 cubic yards (loose) or less. When designed and fabricated with hand-feed hoppers, chute systems, or through-the-wall installations the apartment style compactor conveniently facilitates direct loading by residents or tenants without the need for training.

  • Automatically shuts down in the event over sized uncrushable objects are in the the charge box.
  • Utilizes constant flow pump for uniform cycle speed not attainable with hi-lo pump
  • 2 yard containers (as shown in picture) sold separately with each machine.
  • Loaded with many other standard features.

    From $135.00 per month, new and used available

Receiver Containers

Dumpers are designed to handle up to 4 cu yd carts.

 Cart Dumpers – Wet or Dry Waste

  • Ground Level Dumpers
  • Dock Level Dumpers
  • Custom Engineered Dumpers
  • Integral Fork Type Dumpers – for Self Contained Units

Call for custom tippers

Custom built compactors to suit each properties different logistical requirements, making maintenance of trash as easy and convenient as possible.

Self-Contained Compactors can be purchased rented or leased. We also provide trash compactor & baler services anywhere in the USA.

  • Units are liquid tight for wet waste or food-type applications
  • Help control pests & odor problems 
  • Reduce labor costs and disposal fees by reducing the number pick-ups by collection services
  • Heavy duty construction – Engineered to last From

From $349.99 per month new, used and rebuilds available.

  • Use these products for reduction and crushing of heavy shipping crates, barrels and bulky items.
  • All Pre-Crushers require a receiver container.
  • Heavy Duty, Pre-crushing Stationary Compactor
  • Designed for product destruction and volume reduction
  • Extra heavy-duty construction
  • Meets all safety standards

​​Octagon and Rectangular Trash compactor breakaway containers

  • Roll-off, front load, rear load, and side load receiver containers also available.
  • Structurally built to ensure strength and long life
  • Heavy-duty floor, hinges, door and latch
  • 2″ x 6″ steel tubing stringers
  • Under structures available to fit most roll-off hoists

New and used available

Waste Equipment Sales Rental & leasing

We ensure that our customers experience a safe, green & cost 
effective environment in which to live and work.

Vertical Trash Compactors – Wet or Dry Waste

  • For lower volume applications, or where space is limited
  • Container is emptied by a front-load collection truck
  • Help control pests & odor problems 
  • Reduces disposal fees by reducing the number pick-ups by collection services

From $139.99 per month, new and used available

Apartment Style Compactors

​​waste management 

​solutions & services


Self-contained compactors and containers

Cart Dumpers

Stationary Compactors

Please note that used items fluctuate constantly due to pending sales and website updates so please contact or and specify the item you require and the preferred manufacturer and we will accommodate your immediate request


  • Use these products for weekly volumes of more than 100 cubic yards of non compacted dry waste materials. All Stationary Compactors require a receiver container.
  • General Purpose Stationary Compactors
  • Reduce labor costs and disposal fees by reducing the number pick-ups by collection services
  • Help control pests & odor problems 
  • All compactors meet ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Most units are Totally UL Listed
  • Heavy duty construction – Engineered to last

From $279.99 per month new and used available.