​ affordable dumpster rental

Dumpster SizeDumpster Rental PriceWeight Included

Additional Weight

(Above Included)

Week Days

Additional Days

(above included)

10-15 yardCall1.0 tonsCall10 days$10 per day
20-30 yardCall3.0 tonsCall10 days$10 per day
40 yardCall4.0 tonsCall10 days

$10 per day

Clean Concrete OnlyCallUp to fill lineNo Charge10 days$10 per day

Note:  Prices are subject to change per county per state. For dumpster rentals 20 miles outside city limits use the relevant County Rates and add $125 to the Dumpster Rental Price.

Dumpster rental


Disposal Fees

At Canitize USA discretion, Canitize USA may charge "Customer", and "Customer" agrees to pay, a disposal fee for the hazardous or toxic waste found in the dumpster as follows:

Car Tires
$40 each
Truck Tires
$50 each
Florescent Bulbs
$30 each
Paint Cans (with paint)
$25 each
Car Batteries
$45 each
Propane Tanks
$60 each
Oil Cans$30 each
Freon Aerosol Cans
$125 each
A/C Compressors
$250 each
Window A/C
$250 each
TV, Computer, Monitor
$40 each
Any Small Electronic Equipment
$35 each
Vacuum Cleaner
$50 each
Refrigerator (large)
$250 each
Refrigerator (small)
$150 each
Any Other Large Appliance
$150 each

Note: If household garbage (food garbage) is found bagged in the dumpster the "Customer" will be charged current rate per bag.  If household garbage (food garbage) is found loose in the dumpster, Canitize USA will estimate the number of bags worth and the "Customer" will be charged current rate per bag.

Non Clean Concrete that contains reinforcing bar ( rebar) is subject to a minimum $15.00 per ton up charge.

NOTE Canitize reserves the right to alter pricing at any time unless an agreement or contract is in place.

We currently broker all garbage hauling and roll off dumpster  hauling to provide our valued customers, new and old with an extra service that they can rely on,  rates may vary slightly depending on fuel surcharges please call our office for your latest rates and lock in your account for the best deals. Simply call or email our office or fill out the 24 hr quote request form below  for immediate information or quotations

2020 MaxPak
Model: M6020-52-8

Ready for immediate shipment
$32,500 (loaded on your truck)