'Waste Management Solutions'


  • Trash Compactor repair services Baler repair services
  • New, used or rebuilt trash compactor or cardboard balers.
  • Nationwide sales, rentals or leasing programs.
  • Nationwide service and repairs available.
  • Installation & programming of new or existing  trash compactor or cardboard baler.
  • Rebuilding or refurbishing your current or future trash compactor or cardboard baler.
  •  911 Emergency  Call outs.
  • Nationwide, cost effective maintenance programs for all of your facilities waste equipment.
  • Fluid power trained technicians.
  • AWS welders. 
  • Repairing and refurbishing existing  trash compactor or cardboard baler. 
  •  Recycling Equipment, including consultations before purchasing to ensure you purchase the correct equipment for the job.
  • Electrical replacement parts for your equipment.
  • Hydraulic replacement parts for your equipment.
  • New & Rebuilt hydraulic  power units.
  • Working with waste haulage companies for logistical improvements & general cost saving to our clients.

Baler & Trash Compactor Repair Services

Our annual trash compactor or cardboard baler maintenance are extremely valuable programs for your property or business and start at $600.00 per year & include:

  • Safety and Limit Switches: Inspect and adjust.
  • Operation: Warning lights, pressure gauge, key switches and emergency stop.
  • Structure: Physical appearance, wear points, ground anchors, wiper blade and follower plate.
  • Lubrication and Inspection: Door hinges, door handles, paddle latches, turnbuckles, access gates, motor, motor coupling, ram track and guides.
  • Hydraulic System Check: Condition of hoses and fittings, oil levels, cylinder shaft wear and leakage. Operating pressure check.
  • Safety Standards: OSHA and ANSI standards, infractions will be noted with suggested repairs.
  • Container: Physical condition of rollers, door hinges, and latching mechanisms.
  • Rear Door Seal: Since compactors are liquid tight, maintaining the door seal is important.
  • Oil Change annually
  • Check and clean electric eye and reflector
  • PLC programming
  • Timer & Relay adjustment
  • Make sure all odor devices are connected re-filled and working efficiently. 
  • Written report for current status of your  trash compactor or cardboard baler.