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Clean, deodorize and eliminate odor from  your trash chutes, garbage dumpsters, grease traps restaurant drains or waste containers 'Trash Blaster' can be diluted into wash tanks scrubbed, mopped or sprayed. Bio enzymes created in 'Trash Blaster' present a powerful formula that can be diluted up to 20:1 for regular usage and up to 100:1 for automated spray systems.
 'Trash Blaster' becomes a best friend to all maintenance facilities, restaurant owners, garbage industry workers or professional cleaning companies .
Our all naturally formulated, bio safe chemical works best when presented with the task of removing trash room odors, digesting grease, waste build up from garbage makes sanitation tasks and excessive work loads easier and safer than using harmful cheap chemicals with a minimal dollar amount once the initial problem is controlled.

NEW!!! Trash blaster TM Bio degradable and heavy duty industrial degreaser, used by our own technicians to take care of tough commercial stains around trash chutes, trash rooms and trash compactor areas.

5 gallons of HD degreaser

Trash Odor Eliminator

5 gallons of Bio degreaser

Trash Room & Garbage Container Odor Control & Misting Systems

Remove odor on garbage with our Trash-MIST odor control system. Whether your place of business has a trash compactor odor that's unbearable or a trash room odor that can make an onion cry, we have your solution. Working around the clock, Our trash room odor control misting system 'Trash-MIST' automatically sprays our patented Trash Blaster chemical in and around your trash rooms and  dumpsters & trash containers 24/7.

The secret to our success is our scientifically proven formula. Trash Blaster with a built in odor counteract and fortified with pure Eucalyptus & now Cherry we ensure, breaking down of bacteria causing trash room odor and trash compactor odor which is a safer option than pesticides for flies and roaches typically found in food receptacles and other waste areas.

We remove trash odor even in the harshest of bacteria producing settings. Our system is cost effective, easy to install (less than 60 minutes), and maintain(monthly). With Trash Blaster & the Trash-MIST Automatic Odor Control System at your business, we promise to remove trash odor for good! ‚Äč

'BRAND NEW' for 2023  we have also introduced a fresh scented, Green Apple , Lavender and Fresh linen odor counteract along with our bio-degradable degreaser and a powerful industrial degreaser for harsh conditions, all products are used by the Canitize team on our service vehicles and can be tested on site upon request of our staff members


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